Monday, June 1, 2009


Welcome friends, family and people who I have never met to my little blog. This is not my main blog about what is going on with my life, which can be found here. This is a bit more of an intellectual blog, mostly focused on book reviews. I am not presumptuous enough to suggest that I should be taken seriously as a book reviewer. Nor am I going to presume to dictate if a book is good or not. Rather the purpose of this blog it to give my impression of some of the books that I am reading or have read and to share some of the information and ideas that I have found interesting, informative, thought provoking or just plain useful.
Generally I am going to try and write a little review of two books at a time. The reason is that I tend to go through phases in what I am reading and so I usually have at least two related books that I am reading at any given time. Besides, this way I can use the old “compare and contrast” method to write about the books and avoid having to do too much boring analysis!
Hopefully you find some of the things that I write about on here as interesting as I do. If you don’t at least you won’t have to listen to be talk about these books endlessly at social gatherings! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog!


The Fitz Family said...

I liked your book review although some of it went a little over my head :) I've never been much of a history buff, but I still find the information interesting. I'll have to check in now and then.

Taylor.A.Smith said...

Well thanks! Not all of my posts will be about history, so don't despare too much!